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Throughout her life, Bárbara Monteiro, the youngest of three sisters, always heard, sometimes grudgingly, that she was the “mainova” – a popular Portuguese expression that means “the youngest”. Now, she is the face of the new Portuguese brand of wine and extra virgin olive oil appropriately called MAINOVA. This is the unfolding of a project that started in 2010 when her parents acquired the property of Herdade da Fonte Santa, in Vimieiro, Alto Alentejo, Portugal.
In a farmland where there was only a small olive grove around 50 years old, the Monteiro family have planted 90 hectares of olive trees (from the varieties Cordovil, Picual, Cobrançosa, Arbequina and Frantoio).

Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced in the varieties Galega, Arbequina, Cobrançosa, Picual, Cordovil and Frantoio, the harvest is semi-manual and the extraction is done cold, allowing to obtain a fruity oil with unique characteristics.

Our packaging has been carefully studied in order to preserve the quality and flavor of extra virgin olive oil over time, in a responsible and ecological way.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural product, it contains only olive juice.

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Located in Portugal, Alto Alentejo area, Herdade da Fonte Santa has centuries of preservation and improvement of its soil, combined with experience in best practices and processes.

It is here, where shale, granite and a unique ecosystem meet, that a highly specialized team works to generate the best products the region can offer.

It is in this context and under this commitment that MAINOVA is born, an authentic, innovative, sustainable brand that toasts to the future without ever forgetting the heritage, traditions and truths of the past.

Monte Herdade da Fonte Santa, EN 372-1
7040-669 Vimieiro, Arraiolos


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