VIEIRU Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by family company Almazara As Pontisexclusively from native olive variety ‘Manzanilla Cacereña’cultivated incertified organic olive grovesfrom Sierra de Gata, in the north of Extremadura (Spain). This unique Organic Evoo is produced earliest harvest meansFirst Cold Extractionand certified withProtected Designation of Origin (PDO) Gata-Hurdes. Sensory Profile: Fresh and green fruity of middle-high olfactory intensity. With freshly cut grass and fruits aromas, especially banana, grape juice, apple and kiwi. Just like vegetables notes to artichoke, aromatic herbs, tea, green tomato and freshalmond. Mouth feelis well-balanced between spicy and bitter characteristics, with dominating sweetflavor.


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